Q: A toad/frog urinated on me, will I get warts?

A: No, I don't even know where this rumor came from!

Q: What is the difference between a frog and a toad?

A: Toads are round, dry and have warts all around them. They generally aren't around ponds, unless during mating season. The frogs are found in and around ponds. They are slimy and smooth skin. The toads have parotoid glands (poison glands). Frogs Do not have parotoid glands, and can't produce poison, unless they are dart frogs.

Q: What is the difference between a male toad and a female one?

A: Males are half the size of the female, and are generally yellow, green, or orange colored. The males chin color is purple, green, blue, or multicolored. When you hold a male it will make a "squeaking" sound. If you look on the front legs of the male you will see a finger that is swollen, that is perfectly normal in males. The females are one and  half or double the size of the females the are brown, black, or red colored. Their chin is cream colored.

Q: What is the difference between a male frog and a female one?

A: Just like the toad, for the male the one finger one the front legs is swollen. The male's chin is usually yellow and usually not the color of the belly. The Tympanic membrane (ear) of the male frog is bigger than the eye. The tympanic membrane is located right behind the ear. The female frog's chin is is usually the color of the belly. Her tympanic membranes are smaller the her eyeballs.

Q: How long does it take a bullfrog tadpole to change into a bullfrog?

A: Approximately 1-3 years.

Q: What is the largest frog/toad in the world?

A: The largest frog in the world in the Goliath Frog found in Africa. The Largest toad in the world the Cane Toad found in Australia, Africa, Central America, Texas, and Florida.

Q: how many eggs can a female frog/toad lay at a time?

A: Approximately 500- 35,000 eggs a mating season.

Q: How many species of amphibians are there currently?

A:There are about 6,685 species right now. 

Q: What is the most poisonous animal in the world?

A: the golden poison dart frog (see my "frogs" page and scroll down to see an image of a golden poison dart frog).

Q: Why are frogs always so slimy?

A: Frogs won't only breathe through their nostrils, they also breathe through their skin, as well as drink through it. They need the moisture to breath, or they'll suffocate.

Q: I saw a toad eat, and it blinked several times, why did it do that?

A: they retract their eyes into their mouth because it helps them swallow their food faster.

Q: I picked up a toad, and some white sticky substance came out of their warts, what is this liquid?

A: those "warts" are called parotoid glands, they produce a type of poison. It is extremely bitter (A toad squirted some in my mouth... It was one of the worst tastes I've ever tasted!) and can make you sick. Depending on what species it is (example the cane toad [see species page]) can kill you if the liquid is ingested.

Q: Amphibians are endangered, how can I help?

A: One of the ways you can help is take toads and frogs out of pools. The chlorine can harm toads and frogs. So if you see a toad or frog take it out and release it. Another  way you can help is by taking toads and frogs out of window wells. If they get trapped in there, there's no food, water or a way out. Another way you can help  on a wet night , is if you are driving, or riding, chance are toads and frogs will be on the road. You can get out and take them off.

Q: What will happen if I spray a pesticide in my yard?

A: All insects will be destroyed. That will take away the amphibians food source. And it will also damage/harm the amphibians. And every last amphibian will leave your yard. ANY and ALL pesticides will have an affect on amphibians.

Q: What happens if a cat/dog puts a toad in its mouth?

A: Depending on the species it may only make your pet sick. but some species like cane toads (see species page for a picture) can kill your pet. If your pet puts a cane toad into its mouth consult a vet immediately. 

Q: I have baby toads, and can only feed them ants, how should I get them?

A: How I've always done it is set out some food out of the trash can outside, wait a few hours, and collect the ants. try using old fruit and bread. Those work the best for me.

Q: I have a lot of insects in my yard and they are huge pests. I don't have any toads in my yard, but I want one, How do I get them to like my yard.

A: If your yard is polluted, has any pesticide, weed killer, or ant killer, or any type of "killer" it could harm toads so they don't like your yard. Clear out any pollution. have bushes, a garden, or some place the toads can use to hide during the day. toads also like to hide under decks. There also has to be a good water source for the toads. Also having a concrete yard and a pool will not help.

Q: What should I feed my tadpoles?

A: I mainly feed mine fish food. but I also feed mine reptomin aquatic frogs newts and turtles food sticks dog food and cheerios.

Q: Is there an easy way to remove frogs/toads from pools?

A: yes there is, use a critter skimmer, supported by save the frogs   http://www.critterskimmer.com/


Q: I saw a HUGE bullfrog/canetoad/other large frog/ other large toad, and what would a large frog/toad like that eat?

A: Snakes, chipmunks, squirrels, turtles, fish, birds, rats, mice, earthworms, frogs, lixards, and other rodents.

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